When something is water-repellent, it is resistant to water due to it being treated to repel water. Water won't easily penetrate through something that has been treated, but if water is allowed to collect, the water will eventually seep through.

For the canopy product's sold through this website, it is advised to remove water from the fabric surface as-soon-as-possible. Doing so will help prevent the weight of the water from stretching the fabric, and reduce wear-and-tear that comes from being used outdoors.

The canopies sold through this website and the canopies that are included in our products purchased through your local retailer are intended to be used as shade from the sun only. It is not advised to use these  products during adverse weather conditions, including when it is raining, since the canopies for these product's aren't waterproof; impervious to water. Please review the instruction manual for your product for more details.



When possible, removing the canopy from your product is suggested when you know that it won't be in use for long periods of time. Removing the canopy, whether from a gazebo or pergola, is always recommended, reducing the number of hours exposed to the elements. It is understood this may not be easy for every user, so please do what is best suited for you as an individual.

For gazebo owners: If your canopy is showing signs of stretching from water collecting on your canopy surface, please consider removing the canopy from the corner of the gazebo frame where water is collecting most often, when rain is expected. Freeing any corner of the canopy from the frame will prevent a surface for water to pool on, preventing further wear-and-tear.


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