Thank you for choosing to use our convenient and safe inquiry process form to request parts for your outdoor furniture model.


“Select your product’s category.”

Selecting your product’s category will be the first question. On this page you’ll find the following selections.


“Select your product type.”

Here you’ll select what type of product you have. For example, '10x10 Gazebos,' 'Grill Gazebos,' 'Instant & Portable Gazebos' are the types that fall within the 'Gazebos' category. Another example is the 'Patio Furniture' which has seven types to choose from including 'Bar Sets,' 'Conversational Sets,' and 'Rocking Sets' to name a few.

“Select your model/year.”

Within this section you’ll select the exact model purchased. Below is how to read what is listed.


“How can we help?”

On the following page, you’ll see the following three options.


“Which part(s) are you contacting us about?” [for Warranty Claims & Purchase Parts]

Next, you’ll select the part(s) you want replaced by adding the amount needed within the quantity (Qty.) column of this section. A description of each column is below, along with a screenshot example of how these pages look.

Once a quantity has been filled in for the part(s) needed within the 'Qty.' column, a Continue to Submit Claim for 'Warranty claims' or Continue to Request Parts option for 'Purchase parts' will be appear next to the Go Back option, allowing you to proceed to the next page.


“Why do parts need to be replaced?” [for Warranty Claims only]

Here you’ll select the reason why the part(s) selected needs to be replaced. Reason options include the following: Missing, Damaged, Rust, Weather [related damage], and Other.

“Please describe your issue or concern.” [for Warranty Claims & Troubleshooting]

On this page you’ll be able to describe in your own words your concerns, or experience with the product. Once your notes have been composed, a Next option will appear next to the Back option, allowing you to proceed to the next page.

“Do you have a receipt?” [for Warranty Claims & Troubleshooting]

Here you’ll select Yes or No to answer whether your sales receipt is available which validates your 1-year limited warranty. Selecting either will display a Notice on the next page reviewing our policy on warranty claims. If your sales receipt isn’t available, Aldi and ShopRite may be able to assist with having it reprinted. Please consider calling Aldi’s toll-free number at 1-800-325-7894, or ShopRite’s toll-free number at 1-800-746-7748, to inquiry on how to have your sales receipt reprinted.

If you selected Yes, selecting Continue to upload on the Notice page will allow you to upload a photo of your sales receipt.

“Upload Your Receipt (image files only)” [for Warranty Claims & Troubleshooting]

If your sales receipt is available, and you selected Yes on the previous page, select Choose File in the center of the screen which will open a window allowing you to select the image from your PC or phone that you would like to add to your inquiry. Once an image has been selected, Next will appear next to the Back option, allowing you to proceed to the next page.


Filling in your contact information.

Whether completing a 'Troubleshooting' or 'Purchase parts' request, or a 'Warranty claim,' you’ll be asked to provide your contact information. Please note the following fields are mandatory to be able to complete your request.

Please refrain from using P.O. mailboxes since UPS doesn’t deliver to these addresses. At the bottom of this form, you’ll see the following field, “Previously Assigned Reference #.” If you’ve been assisted by us previously, please add the four- or five-digit reference/case number we would have provided you at that time.

With each mandatory field filled out, a Submit option will appear below the contact form. Selecting this will complete your inquiry, and we’ll be notified of your request.


Once your inquiry has been successfully submitted, please allow 24 to 48 business hours (Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm EST) to receive a response. Once your request has been approved, please allow 24 to 48 business hours for your part(s) to ship.

Please note all 'Purchase Parts' request are subject to availability and/or stock of parts, and all 'Warranty Claims' are subject to approval. Providing the information requested in these steps is not a guarantee of parts being provided.

Shipping transit time varies from location-to-location. Parts are shipped out from our location in Fairfield, NJ. Below are typical transit times based on regions of the U.S. using UPS Ground. What is listed below is not a guarantee packages will arrive within this timeframe; this is only an estimate. To inquiry on UPS delivery days and hours, please contact their customer support for more details.