Warranty Information

All furniture manufactured and sold by TDC is warranted to the original purchaser against defects in workmanship and materials, provided the item was factory sealed at the time of purchase and is maintained with care and used only for personal purposes.  If a product fails during the first two years from date of purchase under the terms of our limited warranty, the manufacturer will replace the item at no charge.  If the item was purchased as an open box, previously returned, or clearance item, the purchaser may obtain replacement parts for a nominal cost if parts are still available.  After two years, it will be the original purchasers’ responsibility to pay for all costs.  The manufacturer reserves the right, in the case of discontinued or out of production models, to replace with an item of similar quality.  Warranty is to the original purchaser and is non-transferable. Warranty coverage begins on the date of purchase.  Proof of purchase is required.


The frame is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship from the date of original purchase. Damage to frame or welds due to commercial use, improper assembly, exposure to water and sub-freezing temperatures, and/or abuse are not covered.

Steel components are treated with rust inhibiting paint that protects them from rust.  However, due to the nature of steel, rusting will occur if the protective coating is scratched.  It is recommended that care be taken when assembling and handling the product in order to prevent the paint from being scratched.  If scratching or damage occurs, it is recommended that the area be touched up immediately with rust inhibiting paint.  Surface rust can be removed easily using a very light application of common cooking oil.  If rusting occurs and is not treated correctly, the oxidation may start dripping onto any deck or patio it is place upon.  This may result in stains that are difficult to remove.


Umbrella fabric is warranted against separation at the seams. 

Fading, mildew, and/or discoloration due to exposure to elements, chemicals, and spills are not covered.


Umbrella frames are warranted against manufacturer’s defects in workmanship and materials.

Safety Warning!   Umbrellas must be closed when not in use and taken down in windy conditions.

Powder coat and/or Paint

The finish is warranted against blistering, peeling, or cracking. 

Fading resulting from exposure to elements, chemicals, and spills are not covered. Scratches and chips due to normal wear and use are not covered

Care & Maintenance

Be careful to never allow water build up in frames as this will cause corrosion and freeze damage in cold climates.  Wash all frames with a solution of mild soap and water.  Rinse with clean water and dry with a soft absorbent cloth towel.  Frames can be treated with a liquid wax for maximum protection against UV rays and/or salty damp air.  If your set includes cushions, slings, and/or an umbrella, they may be cleaned by hand with a solution of soap and water with a clean water rinse.


Failure caused by unreasonable or abusive use, fire, freight damage, acts of nature (such as, but not limited to freezing or high winds), suntan oil or other chemicals, normal fading, scratching or chipping of the finish, fading, weathering or staining or discoloration of furniture, accidental damage repair or modifications by consumer, glass breakage, commercial use, normal wear and tear are excluded from the warranty.  Steel furniture is not warranted against rust.

Please Note:  Proof of purchase (dated register receipt and store name) is required for warranty claims. Lack of original receipt will void warranty. In some cases pictures may be required as proof of defective or poorly manufactures parts.